Saturday, November 20, 2010

happy birthday

Along the way, we meet all sorts of people. people we can or can't get along with, people we say hi and bye to, people who cares for us just the way we are without seeking selfish benefits out of it.

I thank God, that,
I have life
when I fall, there's someone to help me up
in difficult times, someone speaks wisdom into the situation
when I rejoice, someone rejoices even more with me
before I speak, someone knows what I have in mind
someone knows me inside out
someone is capable of loving me and disciplines me
someone cares for me with so much sincerity
someone always points me to God

I thank God, that I get to know this someone, besides Him, who loves me the way I am, and teaches me things others wouldn't teach me. I truly love this someone, and I thank God for this angel He sent to me. May your life be filled with joy and blessings abundantly from above, with peace and health hence forth. Happy birthday, mum!!=D

1 comment:

  1. It take two to make a relationship work. You have made it possible for me to love, teach, guide and encourage. God's love has nurtured the fruit of the spirit in you. Love is your nature and God's glory shines through you. Thank you for being such a wonderful, loving and caring daughter. May God pour forth the full measure of His blessings upon you. I love you forever and ever!