Friday, December 18, 2009

winter's here n christmas' round the coner!!

it's -14 degree Celsius outside!! can you believe it?!! juz came back from christmas market and i think my face and my fingers froze outside^^ so cold... the view is really nice, though, from the INSIDE where there's HEATER; as compared to when i'm outside in d snow, with d wind blowing and the temperature so low. but i think it'll be much much colder in Switzerland, where i'm gonna spend most of my christmas break =D really excited and can't wait to meet my sisters!!!! i hope and pray that everything goes smoothly and that we all reach there safely in 1 piece and we'll have a great time talking crap!! hehe..
time really flies. especially last 2 weeks with dissection, with much to study n much to learn, time really pass me by.. praise the Lord! i passed my dissection and got my credit for histology!! praise God for great tutors who are so extremely helpful and friends who are so smart! and helpful! and patient! hehe.. we reviewed what we needed to know for the test, and it really helped me a lot! although i couldn't do the facial and neck muscle test, i praise God that He has brought me through thus far and i'm sure He'll bring me through each and every little aspect of life. more to come after christmas break!
not sure why, but i feel really tired.. whether it's the weather or dunno for what reason.. i'm gonna get some rest these few days, certainly. nevertheless, i'm really excited that christmas is here, where we people celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ together.
the story we always read through during christmas, the story of Jesus' birth in a humble manger in Bethlehem, where both angels and human rejoice, celebrating the birth of Jesus. He came with one goal, to bring salvation to man, as we have all sinned and there's no other way to go back to God except to receive this gift of salvation that Jesus have given to us. immense love He has shown to me, and i pray and hope that i'll be able to love as He loves, at least as close to that as possible.