Friday, October 15, 2010

check it out

it's not you that speak, but it is God that speaks within you.
starting point in all you do: you are a child of God, you have come to experience this love, and you are to make a difference. first a child of God, then a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, student, engineer, teacher, doctor, business person etc.
check it out, where do you stand with God?
check it out, why're you doing wat you're doing?
check it out, where're your eyes fixed upon?
check it out, what're the essentials and what're mere distractions?
check it out, who're you trying to please? God or man?
check it out, have you given thanks for all answered prayers, all the promises He's fulfilled?
may we be reminded who we are in Him and what is expected of us. blessed week ahead!!