Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day in Day out

Day in day out
Meeting people somewhere somehow
Some easily befriended
Some making us bewildered

Do we choose who we'll meet?
Coz it's always good to hav good company
Friends to encourage, love and share
Relatives that make sure they're always there

But what happens when people don't get along?
Do we turn our backs and say so long?
Or do we try to make them feel belong?
Coz Jesus' love is all they long?

We learn day by day
Through those who show they care
That we ought to love and point the way
Coz we're unworthy to have been loved this way

Though it's a hard lesson to learn
It's simply easier said than done
When we fail, it feels like humpty dumpty having a great fall
But He's still our God, He still loves us though we're so small
So by God's love, we learn to love, and we love to love

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Savior, please

I can't do this alone,
God I need youto hold on to me.